The Language and Culture of Cuba: March 2016

On behalf of the Modern Languages Department, Laura Bravo will lead a 10-day trip to Cuba during March break that will entail language and cultural immersion and experiential learning. Cuba, its history, politics, literature and musical expressions are an essential part of the Upper School World Language curriculum. The students explore Cuba with a focus on pivotal historical events such as the encounter with the Spaniards, the institutionalization of slavery and the plantation society, nationalism and independence, Castroism and US-Cuban relations. The trip will begin in Havana, where we will visit important sites such as the Plaza and Museo de la Revolución, Jose Marti Memorial, a Cigar Factory and a local school where we will engage with the students in a discussion of US-Cuban relations, after which we will play a baseball game. Also in Havana we will attend an Afro-Cuban Percussion and movement workshop. The next stop is Santa Clara, in the province of Camaguey, where we will learn about the role of Che Guevara in the Revolution and visit one of the battlefields. In our experiential-learning project, we will learn about the local crops and agriculture in a communist economy. Also part of our itinerary are the cities of Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Matanzas, where we will visit Bay of Pigs. On our way back to Havana we will visit an old plantation where the students will learn about slavery and Cuba’s controversial product, tobacco.