The Talks

Santa Clara

At the second school we visited that day we had a discussion with the students about the embargo. Before we arrived I anticipated that it would be a tense and somewhat awkward encounter since the embargo had a much larger impact on their lives than it did on ours; however, the students were equally eager to ask about our opinions as well as share their own. Afterwards, we sang together and shared some laughs like classmates would.

A highlight of our stay in Santa Clara was our visit to the Ernesto “Che” Guevara Memorial and museum. Seeing Che through a Cuban lens was something we had attempted through role-play and debates in the Spanish 5 advanced topics class. While we were in Cuba, however, we saw that, to the people, Che was a war hero and a symbol of victory and justice. Besides the memorial and museum we visited, it wasn’t uncommon to see Che’s face on billboards, plastered on buildings, and even on souvenirs around Cuba.

  Another interesting place we visited in Santa Clara was a club called El Mejunje (meaning the mixture). El Mejunje is known as the most open-minded club in Cuba due to it’s association with the LGBT community and reputation for free expression within its highly decorated walls that has persisted since 1985.

Sam Plante, Class VIII

“Winsor girls are the best travellers! Wherever we went, the group was willing to jump right in and try something new- whether it was playing a new instrument, learning to play complicated cross rhythms in small percussion groups, or trying to learn a new dance step that was challenging for them.

They were fantastic risk takers and tried to fully embrace the culture of Cuba through each experience that was put before them. I loved watching and listening to them interact with Cuban teens their age and appreciated the deep level of conversation, sharing of ideas and the engagement that they had with each other. It was a joy to help chaperone this great group of students!”

Lisa Taillacq, Music Teacher, Fine Arts Department

The Talks

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