Santa Clara, the city that adopted el Ché

In Santa Clara is where we learned about Ché and his role in the Revolution. We visited the Armored Train, the site of the most important battle commanded by Ernesto Che Guevara. Here we heard the story of the battle from one of the curators of the site and asked many questions. The people of Santa Clara are very proud of their participation during the revolution and you will witness how they love to talk about the heroic moments of their beloved Ernesto Che Guevara.

We also visited the famous statue The Che of the Children, in front of the Regional Communist Party Headquarters. The statue was full of symbolism. At this site, we learned about the importance and meaning of the Communist Party in Santa Clara.

We had a great meal on an Organic City Farm, called Organopónico. This is a lot in the city dedicated to organic agriculture to supply the city inhabitants with fresh produce. It is interesting how cooperative farms work. Every person in the community who participates in the organopónico gets a share of the profits from selling the crops. This is a modern activity encouraged by the government to promote agriculture in populated areas to bring healthier and fresher food to the people.




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